9key's Ammo Can Tutorial
So you've bought an ammo can for a geocache. Great! Now paint it!
In a few steps you will create a professional looking cache with ease.

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1. Cleaning
Ammo cans are usually very dirty and you'll need to clean off the dirt, grime, and ammo residue before painting. Use a damp rag to clean the inside and outside of the can. Let the can dry completely before moving to the next step.

2. Sanding
Remove the lid by sliding it off its hinges. Lightly sand the outside of the can to remove any surface rust. Sanding also helps the paint to adhere. Use a clean dry rag to remove the sanding dust.

3. Priming
This step is optional depending on the condition of your can, but I recommend applying a coat of automotive primer to cover any bare metal and to help paint adhesion.

4. Colour and camouflage
In my area ammo cans are generally hidden in stumps and fallen logs, so I’ve chosen black and dark brown paints to camouflage my cache.  Choose a colour that will work in your area and be sure to get paint with a flat finish. Gloss or satin finishes will reflect sunlight and draw attention from muggles.

5. Painting
Apply one light coat of paint with the lid off, then reattach the lid. Too much paint will make the can hard to open. Several light coats are preferred to one heavy coat. Be sure to let the paint dry between each application (1 hour usually) and allow the can to dry overnight before placing "in the wild".

  • Automotive undercoating creates a thick, textured, flat finish. Although its messy and a bit pricey, the coating is tough as heck. You can get a can at most auto parts stores.
  • Textured spray paint. I've not had much luck with these paints without using an overcoat. The drying time is extensive and on occasion the paint never does fully dry. I've always used an over coat with this stuff which kinda defeats the purpose.

6. Stencils
Stencils are optional but give your can a professional appearance. You can either make your own or purchase them from Cissy n CR’s store. Official decals are ok too, although they tend to be shiny and expensive.